Why you should Visit Tunisia - Les raisons pour visiter La Tunisie

TUNISIA TOURISM - directed by Rob Sanders from Amarillo Films on Vimeo.

Tunisia from ilya kornev on Vimeo.

Musk&Amber from hamza ksontini on Vimeo.

tunisia | express (part 1) from Christiaan Welzel on Vimeo.

SURL: http://is.gd/1jDX7

p1/2 Reportage Japonais sur la Tunisie チュニジア by toonsi_

p2/2 Reportage Japonais sur la Tunisie チュニジア by toonsi_

"Take a tour of Town of Kairouan in Kairouan, Tunisia --...

This UNESCO world heritage site, Islamic cultural capital, and capital of the Kairouan Governate in Tunisia is the ancient town of Kairouan.

This holy town as founded in the 7th century as a military outpost, because of its preferable locale and terrain.

As a result of its religious, cultural, and political importance, the town has been lavishly adorned with intricate tile work and stunning architecture.

Throughout its somewhat tumultuous history, this area has been ruled by and been home to many tribes and peoples of multiple nationalities.

This town is a mecca of religious studies, and is home to some of the most prolific mosques in the world.

Kairouan is a heavily trafficked pilgrimage site, and is said to be the fourth holiest city in the Islamic faith."

(the music is indian !!)

"If you want great beaches, history, fantastic cuisine and the souk for terrific shopping, then you want to be in Tunisia"

GlobeTrotter Jon Haggins in Tunisia Part 1

GlobeTrotter Jon Haggins in Tunisia Part 2

The Colours of Tunisia - Les couleurs de la Tunisie

Mysterious Tunisia - Tunisie, la mysterieuse


sea view from the coffee chaaban by AYMENhs.

Tunisia Flag Map

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