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"Embedr is a privately owned and publicly used custom web video playlist creation company. The owners were originally founded in the early 1980s by two different sets of parents that each had children in Southern California.
History of Embedr

United by a common goal of offering a bedr way to display multiple web videos on a single page, the two architects of Embedr embarked on a dangerous and seductive mission to blaze a trail across the final web frontier, Custom Multi-Platform Video Playlist Creation, or CMPVPC for a little bit shorter.

In the cut-throat, anything goes underworld of internet video, many have tried to harness the energy of major web video sites into one all powerful player. Until now, their efforts have fallen short. After at least 2 hours of careful planning & deliberation, the duo emerged from their work shed with a gift to humanity: EMBEDR. The first website in the known universe that allows users to create custom video playlists from all their favorite video websites and Embed them anywhere else on the web. Now go and build a playlist, or learn how to use Embedr..." - Go to Embedr

iDesktop.tv: Youtube but Better

Search, watch, share, read comments and download YouTube videos in a visually appealing interface.
Search and sort videos by category (Films and Animations, Autos and Vehicles, Comedy, Entertainment, Music, News and Politics, etc.).
Browse videos by ‘Featured’, ‘Most popular’ and ‘Top videos’.
Visual settings: apply diff. themes, change thumbnail sizes, and more.
Create and save video playlists.
Share videos and playlists via email.
Watch videos in full screen mode.
Import YouTube playlists and favorites to your iDesktop.tv account.
Download videos in .AVI, .MP4, .MOV, .WMV, 3GP, .FLV or .EXE format.
Keep a history log of 50 latest watched videos.

Check out iDesktop.tv @ www.idesktop.tv" Makeuseof.com

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