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About Ani*Kuri 15
15 one-minute shorts created by various people from Japan`s animation industry. The title of the collection, Ani*Kuri 15, is abbreviated from the words "anime" and "creators".

The one-minute shorts broadcasted in three "seasons," with each group of five animated shorts run between regular programming on NHK at three periods. Due to the nature of the broadcasts, the one-minute shorts wa listed in TV programming guides. However, NHK has mentioned that the shorts are run primarily on NHK`s "General" channel rather than the NHK "Educational" channel. In addition, the shorts should appear on the official Ani-kuri 15 website.

Ani Kuri 15 - Promotion Video

Ani*Kuri 15 Ep 1 by:Akemi Hayashi (Gainax) - Character Designer, Fruits Basket

Ani*kuri 15 Ep 2 by Shinji Kimbra (Studio 4°C) - Art Director, Steamboy

Ani*Kuri 15 Ep3 by Osamu Kobayashi (Madhouse) - Art/Mecha Design, Gungrave

Ani*Kuri 15 Ep 4 by Shōjirō Nishimi (Studio 4°C) - Character Designer, Tekkonkinkreet

Ani*Kuri 15 Ep 5 by Yasufumi Soejima (Gonzo) - 3D/CG Director, Last Exile

To be continued ...
All the videos on stage6.com

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