The Lost Room Second Season

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Created by Brendan on Aug 22, 2007
Category: Television
Region: United States of America
Target: The Sci Fi channel and Lionsgate Production
In the television series The Lost Room there are around 100 "objects" and through the entire series you only see about a dozen.

Also there seems to be some purposeful loose ends, such as "the insident", "The prophet of the objects" and how Joe is now an object himself.
All Signers of this petition request that a sequel to The Lost Room be filmed.

Even if does not air on The Sci Fi Channel then we request it be released on a dvd.

The The Lost Room Second Season petition to The Sci Fi channel and Lionsgate Production was written by Brendan and is hosted free of charge at GoPetition.


  1. I want the second season of the Lost Room...needs and end.....

  2. lol esses gajos nao soberao aproveitar uma historia tao boa...nao havera segunda temporada lol vese como foi feita a primeira...acabou sem sentido nenhum...é mais uma daquelas que desaparece no tempo...boas series nao faltao meus amigos

  3. Want to know if somebody else found the key?


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