Scan,disinfect your files or computer online

"if you suspect your installed antivirus is missing a threat or you simply want a second opinion, an online scanner can be a valuable adjunct to security"

Panda ActiveScan with TruPreventScans, disinfects and eliminates over 185,000 viruses, worms and Trojans from all system devices, hard disks, compressed file and all your email.
Detects spyware. 84 percent of malware installed on computers worldwide is spyware. Detects the following types of malware:
Dialers, Hacking tools, Rootkits (New), Jokes, Security risks.

Trend Micro HousecallHousecall can scan the entire system, or selected drives and folders. . Updates and detection are not quite as reliable as the Kaspersky options below. Select Housecall only if cleaning or deletion is desired.

Kaspersky Online ScannerThe fast and extremely efficient Kaspersky Online Scanner can be configured to scan individual files, folders, and drives - or target all email related files found on local and mapped drives. Kaspersky updates much more frequently than most other vendors and their heuristics (unknown virus detection) are among the best. This makes Kaspersy online scanner one of the most reliable available. Detection only.

Kaspersky File ScannerThe online Kaspersky File Scanner checks single files less than 1Mb in size. Multiple files can be zipped as one and scanned, provided the resulting archive is 1Mb or less. With unsurpassed Trojan detection, Kaspersky Online Virus Scanner is ideal for checking email and IM attachments. Detection only.

VirustotalYou can submit single files only to Virustotal, via their online scanner or by email. File size must not exceed 5Mb. Online virus scanner Virus Total checks your file for cooties with over 30 AV apps, including Kaspersky, BitDefender, F-Secure and Panda. Detection only.

Jotti Online Malware ScanLike Virustotal, Jotti returns scan results for several different scanners. The scan engines used by Jottie differ from those used by Virustotal and thus it's often worthwhile to use both. Detection only.

"if you really want to get interesting results, try Sunbelt's Sandbox or Norman's Sandbox, which will give you not only an analysis of the file as to what it might be as a virus, but a detailed report as to what it does to your system--files it creates, files it modifies, registry values it changes, processes it spawns, etc"

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