Dell Studio Hybrid - Eco-Design friendly Desktop

"Dell’s new Studio Hybrid has received EPEAT Gold, which means the desktop meets all 23 required criteria, plus at least 75% of the optional criteria listed by the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool. The Studio Hybrid is a cool, tiny desktop – about 80% smaller than standard desktops – and it uses about 70% less energy. What little energy it does use is used efficiently, meeting Energy Star 4.0 with its 87% efficient power supply. That adds up to some great savings on electricity over time.

The greenness goes beyond the desktop itself, since the packaging uses 95% recyclable materials, and you can send the machine back to Dell for free recycling using a kit that comes with the system. It’s great to see manufacturers making it so easy for users to complete the loop on their electronics.

And to top it all off, the Studio Hybrid just looks cool – certainly better than the HP or Lenovo Gold-winning desktop PCs. So sleek, you get to pick your favorite color, and it doesn’t take up much space at all. You can pair it up with Lenovo’s EPEAT Gold-winning monitor. Plus it has up to 4 GB RAM and up to 320 GB hard drive. Nice. The downside? One word: Vista." Source

Via http://www.ecogeek.org/templates/adtest/images/logo.gif

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"Ecofont Reduces Ink Use By 20%

By now, it's become clear that digitization goes a long way towards protecting our planet's resources, especially trees. We all know that if we have to print, we should reduce the font size and print double-sided, but what if you want to save some ink too? Netherlands-based SPRANQ has come up with an ink-saving font aptly named Ecofont.

The font is a basic sans-serif with a twist. Inside each letter are open circles where no ink is used. When used in a 9 - 11 point size, the font doesn't stand out as different, but if used in larger point sizes, the circles become obvious. For the occasional printed page though, the font works as well as any other and the company claims that it uses 20 percent less ink.

The company hopes that the font will lead people to think about their overall printing behavior and try to conserve wherever possible. The font is available for download here at no cost.

Whether this font actually makes a difference in people's paper and ink use may not really matter. Often design can just remind us that thinking creatively is the key to any problem, including protecting the planet." Ecogeek via Cleantechnica.com


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