12/12 Assorted Links

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BSG is the top timeshifted program of 2009, by Kathie Huddleston, for SCI FI Wire,, the Syfy news service.

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# Calling

* It was possible to add the same contact several times to a group conversation
* The DTMF tones were not transmitted on Skype-to-Skype call transfer
* It used to be possible to leave people voicemails who had blocked your contact request in the past
* Auto-answer did not work for unautho...
"# Video
* The Video resolution is now changing accordingly based on the available bandwidth allowing up to QQVGA/8fps with low bandwidth conditions. * Video quality was not great after hosting a video call. * The "Take video snapshot" button was always enabled on Win 2000* Users with Intel 965 Express onboard graphics cards had artefacts on screen* Skype crashed in video options or when on a video call for users with Sony Vaio notebooks with virtual Bluetooth video cameras * If a camera was in use by another application no message was being displayed in the Video Settings at the appropriate time * Screen sharing did not stop working when the sharing partner closed Skype during the session. * Video froze for some users * A still image was sometimes displayed"

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