Le jeûne pour se soigner - Science of fasting #Ramadan

Fasting can help protect against brain diseases, scientists say

Claim that giving up almost all food for one or two days a week can counteract impact of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's - Read More


"While life expectancy is increasing in Western countries, cases of diabetes, hypertension, obesity and cancer are increasing, and the use of medication has exploded.Does this mean that in order to live to a ripe age we are condemned to swallow more and more drugs? What if there was another way? For half a century, in Russia, Germany and the U.S., doctors and biologists have been exploring a different therapeutic approach: fasting.The results are amazing.Soviet researchers have provided a body of clinical studies of exceptional wealth ...only published in Russian, and thus unknown in the West.Young biologists from the University of Los Angeles have overturned conventional wisdom and used molecular biology to demonstrate the powerful effects of fasting. These researches suggest a wide-ranging potential, which could include treatments for the disease of the century, cancer. If these scientists are right, maybe our approach to disease and treatment will need a rethink."

DOCUMENTARY FILM : Science of fasting

Teaser in French

Documentaire complet en francais - Full documentary in French

"Alors que l'espérance de vie s'accroît dans les pays occidentaux, les cas de diabète, d'hypertension, d'obésité, de cancers se multiplient; la consommation de médicaments explose. Sommes nous condamnés à avaler toujours plus de drogues pour vivre vieux? Et s'il existait une autre voie thérapeutique ? Depuis un demi-siècle, en Russie, en Allemagne ou aux Etats-Unis, des médecins et des biologistes explorent une autre piste:le jeûne. Les résultats sont étonnants. Les chercheurs soviétiques ont constitué une somme d'études cliniques d'une exceptionnelle richesse seulement publiées en russe, donc inconnues en occident. De jeunes biologistes de l'université de Los Angeles renversent les idées reçues et démontrent par la biologie moléculaire les puissants effets du jeûne. Ils ouvrent de nombreuses perspectives, y compris dans le traitement du cancer. Si ces scientifiques ont raison, c'est peut-être notre approche de la maladie et du soin qu'il faudra repenser." - Source

BBC Horizon 2012: Eat, Fast and Live Longer

Michael Mosley has set himself a truly ambitious goal: he wants to live longer, stay younger and lose weight in the bargain. And he wants to make as few changes to his life as possible along the way. He discovers the powerful new science behind the ancient idea of fasting, and he thinks he's found a way of doing it that still allows him to enjoy his food. Michael tests out the science of fasting on himself - with life-changing results.""

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